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M&N Law Firm in Egypt provides legal advisory services in various fields, such as commercial law, criminal law, corporate law, contracts, arbitration, intellectual property, labor law, real estate law, in addition to judicial and arbitration procedures.

The office works with companies, institutions and individuals in various economic sectors, and seeks to provide high quality and appropriate services to meet customer needs. The office is characterized by its expertise and distinction in providing legal consulting services in Egypt and abroad thanks to its qualified and specialized team in the field of law and legal advice.

Our professionalism in dealing with commercial cases to which
our office has given special attention is due to our long experience in dealing with such cases, as well as various labor issues, buying and selling issues, leases and collateral, as our office have various departments and specialties that have the ability to defend in various cases, whether civil or criminal.
We also provide legal advice in cases related to financial crimes, such as cases of embezzlement, seizure of public money, money laundering, bribery, and fraud, such as that related to credit card fraud or related to bank loans and checks without balance, as well as various types of insulting and defamation cases and the consequent civil and criminal disputes.
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Effective Business Plan

We deal with every consultation and lawsuits with an unconventional business plan for the best satisfactory results and minimal or no damage expected.

Dealing Transparency

There are no hidden costs for any work we do, each service provided is at a fixed cost, and any government expenses include an official receipt of its value.

Secure and confidentiality

Everything related to the Client is considered an absolute secret and is not allowed to be violated, and it is not possible to come out of the group in any way or on any terms.

Practice Areas

Legal Advices In Various Fields

We provide our clients with the necessary support in all criminal matters, starting from investigations to the trial stage.

We offer legal advice and assistance in all civil matters, including contracts, debt obligations, real estate disputes, various civil lawsuits, inheritance, rental disputes, civil claims, property issues, and lawsuits related to access rights and signature validity.

We offer various legal services in the field of commercial law, including commercial litigation and commercial disputes.

We provide legal advice and assistance in all labor matters, including labor lawsuits and social insurance.

We offer legal advice and assistance in all tax matters, including income tax, value-added tax, and customs duties.

We provide legal advice and assistance in preparing contracts and legal agreements, ensuring that contracts are legally binding.

We offer legal advice and assistance in all administrative matters, including administrative procedures, licenses, and administrative orders.

We advocate before various family courts and handle family settlements.

We establish, amend, merge, and liquidate companies.

We have extensive experience in amicable negotiation as we are experts in negotiating to achieve the best amicable outcomes.

We enforce foreign judgments in Egypt.

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